About Me

I am a writer based in Seward, Alaska. This is my portfolio page and all-around digital archive. I like that one song by Toto. I hate Earl Grey with too much bergamot.

From 2017 to 2019, I was the sole reporter for the weekly Seward Journal, which serves Seward and the surrounding area. I was, to my knowledge, the only full-time reporter on the eastern Kenai Peninsula. (My wife is the only pediatrician.)

I have contributed to Public Books, This Land, Inverse, and the New York magazine blog Bedford & Bowery. I got my start as editor of the University of Tulsa Collegian and at the Bigheart Times, a newspaper in Osage County, Okla., now sadly defunct.

While in graduate school, I founded the New York Transatlantic, an online publication dedicated to European history, politics and culture as seen from New York City.

I received my Master’s degree in Journalism and European Studies at New York University in 2017. I also hold degrees in physics and philosophy.

My Work

recent news articles

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other journalism

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The Green Glacier This Land 2016/02

essays & book reviews

Against Cuteness: ‘Bambi’ at 90 Public Books 2018/08
Modernism, Heal Thyself Public Books 2017/09
Three Easy Pieces: Coming to Terms with C. S. Lewis Rail Gaze 2016/09
The Faith of an Infidel, Parts 1–5 Rail Gaze 2016/07
Anarchists May Not Like it but Cameras are Everywhere Rail Gaze 2016/06


Gov. Walker: ‘Bullish on the future of Alaska’ Seward Journal 2018/04
Jiří Pehe: The Man Who Left the Castle to Get Out of the Kitchen New York Transatlantic 2016/09